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T-Shirt Yarn Nitka Textile Yarn 100% Cotton 1A Quality 100 Meter Roll Always Constant Width Jersey Ribbon Jersey Yarn

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Textile yarn of the company "Nitka" (Russia) 100m per roll The castors consist of flat fabric strips that wrap inwards when pulling and so a great textile yarn for crocheting, knitting and various handicrafts is created. The right side of the fabric remains outside when wrapped, which ensures a nice strength of the manufactured movements. "Right" yarns are very suitable for the (even larger) baskets. There are also yarns with the left side facing outwards (which are marked as "left" in the color list), which are more elastic and softer, so they are very suitable for e.B bags, backpacks and carpets, etc. Width of the roll about 3cm, width of the finished rolled yarn is about 7-8 mm (you can also pull tighter so that the yarn becomes thinner, or vice versa not so firm, then the yarn remains thicker)