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DIY set for Moses basket

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Bobbiny Jumbo 9mm Cotton Cord 100% Recycled Cotton Cord 100m (Main Color)
Mosesebasket birch wood floor 6mm thick (size)
Julius Zöllner Moseskorb mattress Allegro (size)

Our Moses basket DIY set is a perfect gift for all parents and grandparents who want their child's well-being and safety. It contains everything you need for crocheting: a wicker base made of birch wood, 3 balls of 9mm jumbo cord, 2 crochet hooks in matching sizes, a mattress by Julius Zöllner (the size should be identical to the floor size!) As well as a label. Crochet your little sweetheart a nice, safe and cozy nest!

If you want a color that is not in the list, just write me a message;)