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DIY-Kit für den Regenbogen-Shopper anhand Youtube-Anletung

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Faux leather bag bottom (color)
Label label "single piece" with screw (color)
Carabiner hook 15mm (color)

Create your personal shopper with the DIY kit made of textile yarn and artificial leather bottom. Just follow the practical Youtube guide for proud possession of a unique and colorful shopper! Let your creativity bubble and bring your ideas to life!

Create your own custom rainbow shopper with our DIY kit! Tools and materials are already included, so all you need to do is watch my Youtube videos and you're ready to go!

Im Set enthalten:

  • 5 balls of textile yarn in rainbow colors
  • 1 faux leather pocket bottom in your favorite color to choose from
  • 2 matching crochet hooks (aluminum needle no. 4 and Ergonomic Prym- Needle No. 8 to choose from)
  • 1 carbine hook in silver or gold
  • 1 label "single piece"

Make your new favorite bag easy for yourself now!

If other colors of the textile yarn are desired, please write a comment on the order.