Anleitung für den Rucksack aus Textilgarn mit Kunstleder-Elementen

Instructions for the backpack made of textile yarn with artificial leather elements

Short instructions for the backpack made of textile yarn with the DIY set from my shop.

Size: about 25 cm x 30 cm


- Textilgarn (E. g. Nitka or Premium) in your desired color, about 2-3 rolls
- Häkelnadel Size 8mm and size 5mm
- Backpack set Made of artificial leather
- Nadel For sewing the threads
-Optional: inner lining of cotton fabric

Crochet instructions:

1. Check the bottom of the backpack with fixed meshes, making 3 increases on each of the two rounded sides (needle 5mm).

2. Häkle now with needle No. 8 fixed stitches in each stitch of the preliminary round (in my knitting pattern).

3. In the next rounds, a solid stitch into each stitch of the preliminary round until the piece reaches a height of 30 cm.

4. Cut off the textile yarn and sew the thread.

5. Attach the lid of the backpack into each hole of the lid and final round of the backpack, either by sewing or by crocheting warp stitches. Attach the lock.

6. Close the shoulder straps to the first round of stitches and attach them to the lid with the snap hooks.

7. Pull the pull belt through the stitches of the last lap of the backpack.

8. Optional: A cotton fabric lining is close to the backpack.

9. Your backpack made of textile yarn is now ready! You can wear it immediately or decorate it with other embellishments (such as a tassel made of textile yarn).
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