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Basket floor Crochet floor Wooden floor for crochet basket birch wood rectangle wide

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Crochet basket bottom This wooden floor speeds up the crochet process, you use less crochet yarn and the basket is stable. Suitable for beginners and professionals. The floor is laser cut and ready to use. All products are polished on both sides, i.e. without smoke. You can paint or varnish them as you like, add decoupage or engraving. Details: Material: birch plywood. Thickness: 3 mm. Distance between holes: 4-5 mm. Hole diameter: 8 mm. Use a crochet needle No. 5 or 6 for the first row. Once you have crocheted all the holes, you can switch to a larger crochet pin, which is more convenient for you. Note that the metal, wood or plastic needles are of different thicknesses. It doesn't matter that the numbers are the same. We recommend having metal crochet needles in several sizes.